Sury Cunha reveals Leandron and reveals new allegations

Leandro Mentioned several times with support eldest son, Simon, 9 years old, in their participation ‘Big brother’. He even came to Curva da Vida to reveal that he had told the boy at his request everything that had happened between him and him. Sury Cunha and the cause of poor living. And in the end, they both embraced.

Now the organizer of the event wants to deny what he heard on TV. “My son already told me he didn’t ask anything from his father, he was the one who wanted to tell him his own version and use his son as a victim himself. TV Guia ‘Sury Cunha is worried about the possibility that this situation will traumatize the child.

He listens to these barbarians his father says unnecessarily. To get an idea, my son is in psychological counseling because he was traumatized from this. He doesn’t even want to see BB these days. He doesn’t want to see his father. I don’t think it’s worth it. Especially when he promised you not to talk about me, and he broke the promise. Who is doing this to the child? ”

The court has all the evidence

On Tuesday, May 10, the first hearing was held in a case that Sury raised against Leandro after beating a young woman against the current man. A process he believes will be long.

“I have eight witnesses who were in the cafe the day he attacked my husband, and the guards who injured Leandro have yet to be heard … and him,” he tells TV Guia. But unlike in the past, the businesswoman believes that this time the lawsuit will condemn the singer.

“The court wants to see the trials where my husband was treated, the military hospital and even the three days he was hospitalized with clots in his head in Santa Maria. Papers, bills. And I’m not afraid to say that I just hope Leandro is convicted. This time the evidence is,” he guarantees and concludes, “This is not like the second time he was released for lack of evidence. Or does he forget that he kicked me in the head?”, he asked. .

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See Leandro’s reaction after a question from a follower, Bruno de Carvalho

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