The alternate calls for a strategy to prevent severe acute hepatitis in AM

Manaus (AM) – Dr. Mayara Pinheiro (Republican), Aleam’s chairman and deputy chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee, asked the Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS) for information on a strategy for the prevention and treatment of severe acute hepatitis of unknown cause. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already registered 348 probable “mystery” cases of hepatitis worldwide.

Official letter No. 024/2022 was sent to the FVS on 11 May after the Ministry of Health issued a risk report regarding the etiology of the disease unknown. In Brazil, 28 cases in children who were apparently healthy have been studied so far.

For Mayara, it is essential to anticipate and develop preventive measures to minimize the impact on the health of the Amazon population.

“We are coming from a serious pandemic and we need to be alert for possible cases of Covid-19 disease. Severe acute hepatitis, in chronic cases, requires organ transplants. Our children must be protected. “


The MP also sent application No. 1559/2022 to the Health Board to investigate the status and planning of liver transplants. This is due to reported cases of severe acute hepatitis, approximately 17 children (approximately 10%) required a liver transplant, and at least one death was reported. All were negative for hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

There is a hypothesis that adenovirus or SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as Covid, is associated with the disease, but there is no scientific evidence.

“It is important that we assess the situation taking into account that we may need an organ transplant for our children. I look forward to a prompt response from SES so that we can enable and / or improve the services we provide to Amazon citizens so that they have all the help they need. ”

he said.

* Information from the Advice Bureau

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