The iPhone 15 finally gets what many want

Based on the events of recent years, Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 14 in September this year and the iPhone 15 in the same month next year. But there are already very encouraging predictions about this future model.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed in recent hours that the iPhone 15 will be the first Apple smartphone to reject the Lightning port. According to the source, these models will be the first to come with USB-C.

The iPhone 15 should be the first to have a USB-C port

(1/2) According to my latest research, the new 2H23 iPhone discards the Lightning port and switches to the USB-C port. USB-C could improve the transfer and download speed of the iPhone in hardware design, but the final specifications still depend on iOS support.

– 郭明 錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) May 11, 2022

As is well known, USB-C allows the iPhone to provide users with superior data transfer and download speeds. Rumor has been that Apple’s transition to this port has been going on since 2017, but it’s growing all the time.

USB-C ports are standard on Macs as well as the iPad Pro, mini and Air. It’s good to remember that the European Union recently passed a regulation that puts Apple between a rock and a hard spot because it forces brands to use a USB-C port as standard.

As Apple predicts a shrinking technological footprint on its devices, continuing to use the Lightning feed is against this ideology. The difference is that Apple has patented the Lightning Gate, which earns a lot of money with this exclusivity.

USB-C or Lightning cables cost € 25 on the Apple website

Those who buy a charging cable from Apple’s website pay the same. Currently, a 1 meter Lightning-USB-C cable costs € 25 on Apple’s website. That’s the same amount users need to get on the same site from a USB-C-USB-C cable.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims that this information came to him through Apple’s distribution chains. In any case, we must hold reservations from its final implementation until its formal confirmation.

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