Tribuna do Norte – The flu vaccine reaches 37.8% of children in Apucarana

Of Apucarana’s 7,698 vaccinated children, 2,910 were vaccinated against influenza, representing 37.8% of the total. The municipal health authority (AMS) released the balance this Friday (13), which classifies the index as unsatisfactory given the wave of demand for treatment for respiratory diseases in children.

Once again, the mayor of Femac junior and health minister Emídio Bachiega appeal to the parents of children aged six months and five years. As Femac Mayor Junior argues, the vaccination rate for children in Apucarana is better than in many municipalities. “However, it is not satisfactory to face this picture of respiratory illnesses just as the worst cold is starting to come,” he warns and reiterates his request to take his children to be vaccinated against the flu.

Health Minister Emídio Baciega recalls that 26 basic health units (UBS) in Apucarana vaccinate children in this age group and also those over 60 years of age. “In the region, the whole of Paraná and also the states of the south and south-east are registering an abnormal increase in respiratory diseases in children. And because of this scenario, we need to vaccinate children as soon as possible,” Bachiega says.

For the elderly, Apucarana has already vaccinated 11,131 people, representing 48.3% of the total expected, which is also low since the start of vaccinations for older people in April. At the same time, workers in the training, health and safety forces, as well as pregnant women and women who have given birth, are also being vaccinated against the flu.

“Next week we already have a forecast close to 10 degrees and the circulation of several viruses will continue. Therefore, children will be better protected with the vaccine. I confirm that we must avoid the more serious respiratory diseases observed in the southern and south-eastern parts of the country, ”the mayor explains.

A CPF or SUS card and a vaccination card must be presented at the time of vaccination. Health, education and safety professionals must continue to prove that they fall into the corresponding categories. Women of childbearing potential must bring their child’s birth certificate.

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