WWE “spoila” at Clash Castle main event

The Clash at the Castle on September 3 in Cardiff, Wales, is WWE’s first major event in the UK in more than 30 years and is highly anticipated.

However, with the revelation Poster of the event, WWE may have “spoiled” what is the main match.

at Poster From Clash at the Castle, you’ll see the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in the ring of Roman Reigns in front of the castle, and on the other side, Drew McIntyre is holding his sword with the faces of some of the company’s top superstars.

A few hours ago, Dave Meltzer had already pointed out that the two fighters will face each other at Clash at the Castle and this Poster WWE seems to “confirm” this speculation.

Still, it can’t be said that we are sure we have Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre, but it can be said that WWE has chosen its biggest superstar and the biggest European superstar. Poster from the event.

Want to see the battle between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre in Clash at the Castle?

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