Zenless Zone Zero: The game by the developer of Genshin Impact gets a trailer

Today (13) HoYoveredeveloper very famous The influence of Genshireleased a YouTube trailer for their upcoming game, an urban fantasy action role-playing game Zenless Zone Zero. Watch the video below:

The studio describes it as a game with an immersive story, characters with different styles of characters, a futuristic 3D anime art style, and a cinematic and action-oriented fighting system. rogue which encourages research.

Its plot takes place in a world ravaged by a supernatural catastrophe, where mysterious beings rise from dimensional openings to wreak havoc and destruction. The protagonist’s job is to help the townspeople and complete missions along with other characters to unravel the secrets of New Eridru and fight the monsters.

Zenless Zone Zero has no release date yet, but has already been confirmed to be available for PC, Android and iOS, and other platforms will be added in the future.

So did you like the trailer? We were excited to play from the creator of this new adventure The influence of Genshi? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook from voxel!

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