“Big brother”. Felipe Neto recalls ex-girlfriend Bruna Gomes: “It’s going to be weird”

“It’s going to be weird to spend Valentine’s Day alone after five years. Any tips?” he wrote. Felipe Netowho was dating Bruna Gomes on TVI’s “Big Brother – Final Challenge” series until last December on Twitter. So it’s Valentine’s Day, celebrated on June 12 in Brazil after their relationship ends. Remember that Bruna Gomes fell … Read more

Nails out! Bernardo Sousa attacks António: “If you’re worried about being deported, that’s your problem!” – National

after a Big Brother – Desafio Final rival said the Madeiran suspects anyone approaching Bernardo Sousa thinks “everyone is approaching Bruna Gomes with a strategy,” António said on Wednesday 25th. ‘2-10’ after he was deported at yesterday’s gala. “António, I’ve never talked about you and I’ve never wasted my time talking about you,” Bernardo replied … Read more

Complaints and panic attacks. Jaciara talks about what’s really going on at Big Brother and why she believes Bruna will win – The Mag

TVI’s Big Brother Final Challenge turns into a “crazy house” where some competitors pretend to be characters, try to form alliances before getting into the “real program”, follow a pre-researched strategy, analyze the weaknesses and strengths of other colleagues and still go crazy because they just want to have fun talking nonsense and playing games, … Read more

Bernardo Sousa guarantees that he will introduce Bruna to his ex-girlfriend. But does Deborah Binhote want to meet a Brazilian rival? – National

Bernardo Sousa came to the second edition “Big Brother Famous.” In this edition Madeira won the championship and took home the prize. when he stepped in reality tv showThe rally driver had just divorced from the relationship Deborah Binhote. Despite a fragile heart, rally driver gave love a new chance and won the heart Bruna … Read more

Big Brother Final Challenge – Family Drama: Bruna Gomes’ ex-mother was threatened. It shows everything (picture)

In a bikini, he drives fans with his solid body: “You even get a man’s breath” “That bastard”: António Bravo insults his colleagues and the production “mutes” the pictures There is a reason why Quinaz does not reveal the identity of his girlfriend, and there is a crime involved You didn’t invite your kids to … Read more

Gonçalo Quinaz breaks the silence and talks about the romance with Jessica Nogueira: “What should never have happened” – Nacional

This Tuesday morning at the “Big Brother – Final Challenge” house, Bruna Gomes was curious about repeated references to Gonçalo Quinaz as a woman: “What’s in this for women? Have you always dated in reality?”, The influencer asked, the former footballer explained that it was because the press had accused him of several women, and … Read more