The family tries to get up with an unexploded bomb that will wreak havoc at an Israeli airport

A panic broke out at an Israeli airport as an American family tried to board a plane with an unexploded bomb “in memory.” A video shared on social media shows the panic of people at the airport, where they hid under the benches and crawled to the floor for fear of a possible explosion. A … Read more

Deutsche Bank sees Fed raising key interest rate to 5%, warns of recession – Monetary policy

The U.S. may be on the brink of a “déjà vu” crisis in the 1980s, when Deutsche Bank analysts suggest the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) is adopting a more restrictive monetary policy than expected. Analysts led by the bank’s chief economist, David Folkerts Landau, say the Fed should raise the federal fund rate this year … Read more

Fuels are suffering from a new price increase – Correio da Manhã

Fuels are suffering from new price increasesMorning mail These are the government’s estimates for next week’s fuel priceSAPO 24 Diesel will be six cents more expensive. Gasoline rose 2 centsBusiness Journal Fuel prices will rise again next weekSIC news Fuels will rise for the 14th time this year … It will be up to 3 … Read more

Aldi is investing EUR 60 million in its largest distribution center in Portugal, Comércio

Aldi officially opened its largest distribution center in Portugal and one of the largest distribution centers in the Aldi Nord Group this Wednesday. The new logistics warehouse of the German supermarket chain in Moita is the result of an investment of EUR 60 million. In a statement sent to news agencies, the grocery retailer says … Read more