They won’t let go! Bernardo returns home and encounters harassment of the “Bernardettes” out of Bruna’s eyes … and Marie’s strange betrayal – The Mag

From an early age, Bernardo Sousa was one of the nominees for the “Big Brother Famosos” prize, and the votes were right: the Madeiran won the final prize – 10 thousand euros too – and his heart was on top of that. busy. He stepped into the Most Viewed House in the country in a … Read more

Bernardo Sousa is the winner of the ‘Big Brother Famous’ award

Bernardo Sousa was the big winner of “Big Brother Famosos” after getting over Marco Costa. Seven weeks after its inception, “Big Brother Famosos” ended tonight’s victory over Bernardo Sousa. The Madeiran pilot won Marco Costa by 64 percent of the vote and the confectioner by 36 percent. Related “Big Brother – The Last Challenge.” Competitor … Read more