Google Chrome should have the ability to restore closed tabs on Android; the feature is not yet available.

Technique On computers, the generic functionality is being tested for the Android version Per João Almeida 30.4.2022 – 17.30 GRT 30.4.2022 – 17.30 GRT © Authors: Getty ImagesChrome gets a new feature THE Google Chrome must allow the user to receive automatically restore all closed tabs in the Android version. The feature, known for computers … Read more

The Google app has an error that shuts down the cell phone battery earlier than expected, the website says

Technique The discovery was made thanks to Android 12 Per Guilherme Corte 22.4.2022 – 09.01 GRT 22.4.2022 – 09.01 GRT Image: Play Store – Messages. “Messaging” is a Google application that allows the user to send text messages, voice messages, text messages, and more. The app has an error that causes the Android phone’s battery … Read more