The law against ill – treatment of companion animals was declared unconstitutional for the third time Animals

The law protecting the exploitation of companion animals was declared unconstitutional for the third time on 5 May. Therefore, the judges of the Constitutional Court can decide the matter next time, as they did recently with the Metadata Act. In this case, we return to the legal framework in force until 2014: killing or beating … Read more

Russia is stepping up its attack on the Donbass. The President of Poland addressed the Parliament of Ukraine War in Ukraine

minutes Zelensky described the situation in Donbass as “very difficult” in his latest speech to the nation. The Polish president is the first foreign head of state to address the Ukrainian parliament since the start of the Russian invasion.

Automotive industry demands mandatory mask after factory clashes Covid-19

The Portuguese car industry is in full standby mode due to covid-19. At major factories, such as Autoeuropa Industrial Park 19 in Palmela, absenteeism is increasing and defects are being covered by temporary workers, who are also starting to miss. The ACAP, the industry’s employers’ association, is calling for the mandatory mask to be reinstated … Read more

Costa Silva may be of interest in exploring the offshore gas reserves of the Algarve – Energy

Economy and Maritime Minister António Costa Silva said in Parliament on Thursday that Portugal could now have an important natural gas hub in the Algarve and could produce this scarce fuel in Europe at the moment, given Russia’s threat to cut off. deliveries to European Union countries that are almost exclusively dependent on it. Costa … Read more

Fuels are suffering from a new price increase – Correio da Manhã

Fuels are suffering from new price increasesMorning mail These are the government’s estimates for next week’s fuel priceSAPO 24 Diesel will be six cents more expensive. Gasoline rose 2 centsBusiness Journal Fuel prices will rise again next weekSIC news Fuels will rise for the 14th time this year … It will be up to 3 … Read more