Call of Duty games have a creative way of “punishing” scammers

THE Activision seems to be finding more and more creative ways to punish players who use cheating to gain an advantage in online matches in Call of Duty series games. As Eurogamer reports, the producer decided to introduce in Call of Duty: Vanguard a mechanism called “Cloaking” in the fraud prevention system – which prevents … Read more

New research suggests that the Moon’s water may have originated from the Earth

uA new study by a team of researchers at the University of Alaska’s Institute of Geophysics in Fairbanks suggests the possibility that there is more water beneath the Moon’s surface than previously thought – and it is pointed out that this water may even have originated from Earth. The theories most accepted by the scientific … Read more

The bloc regards the “anti – capitalist struggle” and the “alternative” as a strategic path Left block

At the IV National Party Conference on Saturday, the militants of the Left Bloc (BE) elected a political commission with 305 votes to fine-tune the strategic direction of the blockers. On the agenda of the recommendation, which wishes to strengthen BE as an “alternative to the absolute majority of PS” and now controlled by inhibitors, … Read more

“There are no secrets here.” Find out how the scene on the ice in “A Serra” was recorded

FHello on the Instagram page ‘A Serra’ that images were shared on the ice with actors José Mata, Júlia Palha and Sofia Alves. The SIC soap opera ended on Friday, April 29, and production decided to share the details of making this scene. “There are no secrets here! Tell me if this scene on the … Read more

The Russian attack destroyed the runway at Odessa Airport

“BToday the enemy attacked us from the Crimea with the Bastion Coastal Missile System. The runway at Odessa Airport was destroyed. Thank God there were no casualties, “the governor said in a video posted on his Telegram account. Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24, killing some 3,000 civilians, according to the … Read more

A Russian plane was found violating Swedish airspace

ANDThe Swedish Ministry of Defense revealed in a statement that the Russian AN-30 aircraft “violated Swedish airspace on Friday night” and that the aircraft was involved and photographed by the authorities. The incident happened at a time when Sweden and Finland, the only non-military Nordic countries, are considering applying to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization … Read more

Increase in Chikungunya cases POVO HEALTH – 30/4 – O POVO Online

Increase in Chikungunya cases Public health – 4/30PEOPLE ONLINE

Pedro Teixeira and Sara Matos take “afternoon meeting”

Pedro Teixeira and Sara Matos are still more in love than ever. Proof of this was a release the actor made on Friday, April 29, on his Instagram account, in which he poses with his beloved and son, the mother of little Manuel. “To this day,” he wrote a romantic portrait in the caption, where … Read more

The family tries to get up with an unexploded bomb that will wreak havoc at an Israeli airport

A panic broke out at an Israeli airport as an American family tried to board a plane with an unexploded bomb “in memory.” A video shared on social media shows the panic of people at the airport, where they hid under the benches and crawled to the floor for fear of a possible explosion. A … Read more

The behavior of a dog is determined by genetics or the environment

THE The breed of dogs does not determine their behavior, which depends primarily on genetic and environmental factors, says a new study published in the journal Science today. This study, led by Kathleen Morrill of the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, compared data from genetic studies of more than 2,000 dogs of different breeds … Read more