“Famous big brother.” Marie radically changes the look: “Everyone has an opinion”

Skillful in change – and show luxurious -, marie surprised Instagram Followers by revealing a radical change in appearance. So now the former competitor “Big Brother Famous 2“appears her hair dyed orange with some yellow highlights. “Tatiana said opinions are like lingerie: everyone has their own. I thought it was beautiful,” Marie said of the … Read more

“Big Brother Famous”: Bernardo Sousa’s first words on social networks after victory

Last Sunday, the 24th, promises to be unforgettable Bernardo Sousawho won first place in the “Big Brother Famous 2” series. On Instagram, Madeira pilotThe 34-year-old has already talked about this victory. First, Bernardo Sousa left a message that had been addressed Cristina Ferreirasponsor reality tv show From TVI. “Thank you sincerely for your professionalism and … Read more

“Big Brother Famous”: Marco Costa breaks the silence after the defeat

Last Sunday, the last gala of “Big Brother Famosos 2” was held, which Bernardo Sousa as the winner reality tv show From TVI: The pilot collected 64% of the viewers’ votes. Already Marco Costa ranked second, and on Instagram, a 31-year-old confectioner has already reacted to this loss. “Thank you all for the support you … Read more