Putin ‘s behavior is corrupt, says Emotional Pentagon spokesman War in Ukraine

A Pentagon spokesman on Friday accused the Russian president of “depravity” and “brutality” over the behavior of Russian troops in Ukraine. Asked at a press conference about the behavior of the Russian leader, John Kirby had to interrupt the sentence to hold back tears and said that “some of the pictures are hard to look … Read more

The United States is putting pressure on Portugal to hand over armored vehicles to Ukraine

The Pentagon (U.S. Department of Defense) has called on the Portuguese government to send a series of tracked armored vehicles of the American M113A to Ukraine as part of its assistance to NATO members to counter Russia’s invasion. who have served in the Santa Margarida military camp for nearly 30 years in the National Army … Read more

War in Ukraine: Putin ‘s behavior is corrupt, says Emotional Pentagon spokesman War in Ukraine

minutes The Russian foreign minister asked NATO and the United States to stop supplying arms to Ukraine if “they are really interested in resolving the crisis in Ukraine.” Ukraine says Russia has sent a team of experts to Zaporizhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which was taken over in early March. April 30, 2022, 8:23 … Read more

Technicians leave the edge of Wall Street. Amazon has the worst day since 2006 – the stock market

The Dow Jones Industrial Index closed 2.77% at 32,977.21 points and Standard & Poor’s 500 3.63% at 4,131.93 points. Nasdaq Composite, on the other hand, fell 4.17% to 12,334.64 points. This was a session where technology companies weighed heavily on investor pessimism after some industry giants reported lower-than-expected quarterly accounts this week. This is what … Read more

Amber Heard did not write an article that led Johnny Depp to sue his ex-wife for defamation | Justice

“I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the hatred of our culture. It needs to change.” This was the headline of an article published in December 2018 that read, “Two years ago, I became a public figure for domestic violence, and I felt the full force of our culture’s hatred of women who … Read more

Amal Clooney demands justice for Ukraine ‘s war crimes at UN War in Ukraine

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney appealed to the United Nations on Wednesday to focus countries on searching for international law on war crimes in Ukraine. George Clooney’s wife fears that evidence of the crimes will be forgotten in the “box” and nothing will be done to bring the perpetrators to justice. This is not the … Read more

The life sentence of a man who had been in prison for 32 years was overturned

JN / Offices Today at 00:27 The 55-year-old man was released on Wednesday after a Miami-Dade judge overturned his 1991 life sentence for misidentification in a felony. Shortly before the judge’s decision was known, Katherine Fernández Rundle, a Florida 11th District attorney, had stated that she was seeking the annulment of Thomas Raynard James’ trial … Read more

The four-year-old died when he was forced to drink a bottle of whiskey

Beatriz Matos Today at 11:13 The four-year-old died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when his grandmother forced him to drink a bottle of whiskey. Roxanne Record, 53, forced her granddaughter to drink a full bottle of whiskey last Thursday (21). The child’s mother, Kadjah Record, 28, was witnessing the crime. Both were arrested and taken to … Read more

Deutsche Bank sees Fed raising key interest rate to 5%, warns of recession – Monetary policy

The U.S. may be on the brink of a “déjà vu” crisis in the 1980s, when Deutsche Bank analysts suggest the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) is adopting a more restrictive monetary policy than expected. Analysts led by the bank’s chief economist, David Folkerts Landau, say the Fed should raise the federal fund rate this year … Read more