Ukraine. Angelina Jolie ‘s visit to Lviv interrupted sirens War in Ukraine

Angelina Jolie’s visit to the Ukrainian city of Lviv to meet with people displaced by the war with Russia was interrupted and shortened by the sounding of sirens warning citizens of the approaching attack. In one of the city’s reception centers, the UN Special Envoy for Refugees met with volunteers working with displaced Ukrainian citizens, … Read more

25 civilians left the Azovstal plant

25 civilians left the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, Ukraine this Saturday. Of these. There are 19 adults and six children, all under the age of 14. according to the Russian agencies Tass and Ria Novosti. There are about 1,000 civilian refugees in Azovstal, accompanied by about 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers who continue to fight and oppose … Read more

McDonald’s left Russia worth millions of euros in food that it cannot use

The fast food company says it will likely have to dispose of unused stocks in Russia. McDonald’s departure from Russia last month, due to a boycott of several calls still in the country after the Ukrainian invasion, caused the fast food company to lose revenue and profits. But not only that: he also forced him … Read more

The family tries to get up with an unexploded bomb that will wreak havoc at an Israeli airport

A panic broke out at an Israeli airport as an American family tried to board a plane with an unexploded bomb “in memory.” A video shared on social media shows the panic of people at the airport, where they hid under the benches and crawled to the floor for fear of a possible explosion. A … Read more

“Movie” scenario at the beginning of the war: the Russians tried to break into the building where Zelensky was | War in Ukraine

In the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the building of Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensk was one of the main targets of Russian forces. So much so that while the president’s wife and two children were still in the building, Russian troops made two attempts to attack the complex. As night came, dozens … Read more

Satellite imagery suggests Russia uses dolphins to protect Black Sea naval base | War in Ukraine

Maxar Technologies ’images feature two compartments with dolphins at the entrance to the port of Sevastopol. The expert suggests they were deployed there in February during the Ukrainian invasion to help protect a naval base important to Russia.

Guterres exploded on his way to Kiev War in Ukraine

According to Oleksii Arestovich, Adviser to the Chief of Staff to President Volodymyr Zelensk, the UN Secretary-General was accompanied by the President of Ukraine when two Russian missiles fired from Crimea fled the defense of the Ukrainian capital from Kiev to southwestern Lukianiv. According to the Ukrainian rescue service, ten people were injured in the … Read more

“Either we lose in Ukraine or World War III begins,” said a Russian reporter

Russian state television network RT journalist Margarita Simonyan said on a television program Wednesday night that “all this will end in a nuclear attack,” referring to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “I think World War III is more realistic when you know us and know our leader.” The publisher added that “the idea of ​​pushing Putin … Read more

Russia tries to neutralize foreign arms shipments to Ukraine Ukraine

Attempts to reach an agreement on the evacuation of civilians besieged at the Mariupol Azovstal metallurgical plant again failed on Monday. Russia had announced it would open a humanitarian corridor, but Ukrainian authorities said they did not trust the security conditions guaranteed by Moscow. Russia’s defense ministry has announced a ceasefire around a huge industrial … Read more

The United States announced more military assistance after the visit to Kiev

The United States announced more military assistance after the visit to KievPublic US diplomacy meets Volodymyr Zelensky in Kievautonews (in Portuguese) Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The development of war to the minuteRTP “Putin wanted to take away Ukraine’s sovereignty, but it did not”CNN Portugal Live / “Russia fails, Ukraine succeeds”, says Blinken after meeting Zelensky … Read more